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Cancer QB

We are staffed with experts who provide guidance to people with diagnostic and therapeutic concerns and help them find a path through the complex cancer landscape. The organization is an independent not-for-profit whose sole focus is to support patients and their families. We are currently piloting this service on a limited basis in Arizona.

Our team provides web based, telephone, and in person communication with patients and make recommendations based on experience, dialogue, research and patient preference.

Our Mission

Provide expert guidance and advocacy for cancer patients as they navigate a complex illness in an increasingly complex healthcare delivery system. This allows patients and their loved ones to focus on healing and (the joy of life).


Cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery choices have become increasingly complex. Scientific advances and new treatment modalities are rapidly changing every aspect of the patient and family experience. Patients need to make difficult decisions, including whether to receive care, what care to receive, where and by whom care should be delivered and how to survive cancer with the best possible function and purpose. Patients and families are often overwhelmed by the choices they face including the challenge of obtaining timely access to the best possible care and the need to maintain care continuity through acute treatment and beyond.

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Dr. Ethan Bindelglas saved my life.

Last April, I was hit was that horrible diagnosis “triple negative breast cancer”. I knew enough to know this was not your “typical breast” cancer and nothing but fear, panic, and turmoil set in –total mental despair and confusion. I WAS SCARED and could only see fog ahead.

Dr. Bindelglas stepped in and in a calm and confident manner, as only he can deliver. Suddenly my despair turned into a clear and distinct plan. Then, “it” simply became a detour in my life. I actually had energy to move forward!

His research began. He clearly, calmly and comfortably explained the diagnosis, options, expert care, appropriate doctors, treatment locations etc. I understood and the fear dissipated. It was all perfectly laid out right in front of me and I was no longer intimidated. He offered hope with an aggressive treatment program dedicated to a successful result! Most important, he was our advocate every step of the way and answered every concern and question that arose.

Knowing he was in my corner helped reduce my fear and anxiety. I would highly recommend his service to anyone. It saved my life.